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James Fuentes Gallery
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Didier William at James Fuentes


Didier William’s latest exhibition, which marks the inaugural show at James Fuentes’ new Los Angeles location, moves across timelines and worldly planes as much as it toggles between different mediums. William harnesses techniques of painting, printmaking, carving, and collage to spin up vivid scenes that seem to cross into metaphysical realms. Nude, muscular, abstract bodies float in deep, vast waters or lay underground, charged with a glowing blue current beneath shifting tectonic plates. 

The artist explores the cross-sections of personal and generational memory, using mythology as a conduit for further discovery. Each piece is electric and full of productive movement, as if a transformation is taking place. Memories of a childhood in Port-au-Prince, Haiti are explored via vague but compelling portals that transcend time or place. 

In William’s imagined environments, change feels good. Each stop is like an elevator to the future, helping you reconcile your past along the way.

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Photo: Didier William, 2023. Image courtesy of James Fuentes and the artist.