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Delfin Finley at David Kordansky


In Delfin Finley’s hyper-realist paintings, the artist’s friends, family, and himself pose with thick red, white, and blue rope, each representing the story of being Black and brown in the United States.

The ropes drape over each person with a bit of heft, as if to suggest that the bulky strands have been carried for generations. Some subjects appear relaxed, others fatigued, all sharing in the notion of the rope’s burden as an inevitable constant in their lives.

Finley’s masterful hand renders each figure with striking highlights and shadow work that portray their ambiguous expressions with precision. The artist translates depths of feeling that extend beyond overly-simplified categories like happy or sad. Even when their exact emotions may not be fully grasped by the viewer, there’s a palpable understanding between the artist and subject.

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Photo: Oak, 2023, Photo: Elon Schoenholz. Courtesy of the artist and David Kordansky Gallery