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Tyler Park Presents
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Daniel Ingroff at Tyler Park Presents


The largest piece in Daniel Ingroff’s solo exhibition at Tyler Park Presents is a painting of an open palm against a flat, forest green background (Meridians, 2020). The painting feels diagrammatic, but rather than denoting pressure points, various objects are painted across the hand like symbolic markers linked to past experiences or emotions. A ladder climbs the index finger; a spine hugs the outer edge of the palm; and a cricket makes his way towards the thumb. This work indexes us within Ingroff’s psychological mythology, in which human figures merge with various objects in dreamlike combinations. 

In Pools (2020), a tiered fountain is superimposed with a face, with the fountain’s tip hitting the figure’s third eye. In The Double (2021), a nude figure stands facing a wall next to a large house plant. The man holds his own shadow, which becomes limp at the neck, folding back on itself. The plant’s own shadow is prominent in the painting as well, alluding to another kind of doubling between plant life and humans. In this way, Ingroff uses symbols and objects from the world around us to explore an unseen energetic plane.

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Photo: Daniel Ingroff, Reservoir at Tyler Park Presents. Image courtesy of the artist and Tyler Park Presents.