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Luna Anaïs
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“Cultural Undertow” at Luna Anaïs


Nomadic gallery Luna Anaïs has popped up at Tin Flats, an artist studio and gallery space in Frogtown. On view is a dual exhibition of Tidawhitney Lek and Gloria Gem Sánchez, curated by artist Narsiso Martinez. The two-person presentation allows for organic connections to emerge while also leaving space for each artist’s singular vision to stand out. 

Lek’s paintings explore domesticity to fantastical ends, creating dream-like interior spaces in which she explores themes of family and identity. The painting “Cutting Threads” captures the artist’s POV: Sitting at a sewing machine, her hands reach out to cut a red thread that wraps around the wrists of another set of hands extending from a television set. 

Meanwhile, Sánchez creates ritualistic sculptures and fiber pieces that blend high and low materials. In one wall work, “Tonalli,” corn husks and snakeskin are woven together with artificial flowers, real and artificial hair, and fake spiders. Photographs in the exhibition show the artist wearing similar objects in ceremonial performances, giving the wall works and sculptures a poignant symbology.

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Photo: “Cultural Undertow” at Luna Anaïs, curated by Narsiso Martinez. Image courtesy of the artists and Luna Anaïs.