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Claire Christerson at AA|LA


On view: January 25–March 21, 2020

At AA|LA in Hollywood, Claire Christerson’s dreamlike exhibition instantly places you amidst a sinister yet playful childhood psyche. A toy piano soundtrack emanates from an unseen video behind a patchwork curtain. Across a set of drawings, cartoonish figures (some with wings or cat ears) can be seen prancing up stairs or sitting atop ladders, while other figures move in and out of open windows or follow behind parallel sets of stairs. Christerson’s child-like colors, patchwork gingham and checkerboards feel overly stylized — somewhere between Raggedy Ann and Wes Anderson. In Through Angel’s Eyes, Christerson’s characters come to life via live-action and lo-fi vignettes, in which her ragtag cast roll around with an oversized cat toy, squirm in unison, or simply stare at the camera.