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Catherine Opie at Regen Projects


On view: February 27–April 4, 2020

At Regen Projects in Hollywood, photographer Catherine Opie juxtaposes austere photographs of swamps in the south to political animations that play on large iPhone-like screens. The exhibit is called Rhetorical Landscape, and for the animations, Opie has been clipping images from a wide array of media sources to present the post-Trump American landscape. Political candidates appear next to gun toters, saints, hamburgers, and soccer players building to create satirical animated compositions that get at the freneticism of modern media. Meanwhile, her swamp photographs are peacefully still (Opie says that she finds solace in nature), yet carry immense nuance. Being in the south, these swamps are in the center of Trump country, and also linguistically allude to one of Trump’s most-used metaphors: “Drain the Swamp.” While the animated works zero in on the anxiety surrounding our political discourse in this country, Opie’s swamp photographs use elegantly simple means to arrive at complex meanings.