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Carolina Caycedo at Oxy Arts


Carolina Caycedo’s new exhibition, “Care Report” at Oxy Arts, was designed to be viewed from the streets. As many institutions are still shuttered due to COVID-19 restrictions, Caycedo refocuses her work to the vantage of the passerby, allowing for both safe viewing and reaching a wide array of people who may not frequent art spaces. 

The largest work in the show is a powerful black and white collage that features images of over 60 women-led organizations in protest or on the front lines of environmental struggles around the world. The women hold signs and gather in solidarity. One woman holds a protest sign while knee-deep in water with a baby strapped to her chest. The collage collapses various groups fighting for unique causes (their protest signs are written in a range of languages), yet they are connected by their gender, their power, and their fight.

“I contemplate the intersections and the connections between these global movements,” Caycedo explains. “Though their particular struggles are contextualized in their own territory — in their own country, in their own mountain range, in their own river — what connects these movements are they’re led by women.” She goes on to explain that it is no surprise to her that women are often on the front lines of fighting for basic rights, as they are often the ones most affected by environmentally extractive industries. The exhibition can be viewed at 4757 York Boulevard.

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Photo: Carolina Caycedo, “Care Report,” 2021 (detail). Collage, digital print on foamcore. 8 x 8 feet, 12 x 8 feet, 16 x 8 feet, 12 x 8 feet. Image courtesy of the artist and Oxy Arts. Photo by Ian Byers-Gamber.