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Overduin and Co.
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Caitlin Keogh at Overduin and Co.


At Overduin and Co., artist Caitlin Keogh’s exhibition is titled Gate a Keyhole, a cheeky play on her own name. And, while the artist’s paintings are not overtly personal, the various objects and imagery that inhabit her works are snippets collected over time by the artist, obliquely sketching out her interests and visual influences. Each painting is a collage of elements that span style, genre, and era, each collapsing into an associative mood board. Notably, the motifs depicted — latticed fences, greek statuary, florals, ribbons, and various animals — traverse from painting to painting with little disregard to canvas edges. In this way, the artist creates a kind of continuous scrolling collection of hodge-podged imagery, not unlike how we experience the world through our devices. 

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Photo: Catilin Keogh, “Gate and Keyhole” at Overduin and Co. Image courtesy of the artist and Overduin and CO. Photo credit: Paul Salveson.