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Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber


“A multiracial jam army that freestyles with cool telekinesis between the lustrous menace of Miles Davis’ On the Corner, the slash-and-om of 1970s King Crimson, and Jimi Hendrix’ moonwalk across side three of Electric Ladyland.”—Rolling Stone

Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber is a New York–based, multi-generation, multi-gender, and multi-ethnic family that performs around the world, carrying on the mantra of their recently-passed founder, influential Village Voice staff writer, and founding member of the Black Rock Coalition, Greg Tate: “Never play anything the same thing once.”

The So Cal New Sugar Swing Edition of the Burnt Sugar Arkestra will include the following artists.

Shelley Nicole: Vocals and percussion
Bruce Mack: Vocals, synthesizer, and conduction
Lewis “Flip” Barnes: Trumpet and vocals
V. Jeffrey Smith: Alto and tenor sax and vocals
Leon Gruenbaum: Samchillean, piano, talk box, vocals, and conduction
Andre Lassalle: Electric guitar
Marque Gilmore tha’ Inna•Most: Trap drums, electronics, and conduction
Jared Michael Nickerson: Electric bass

The epic combo will unite to “caramelize” everyone within ear’s reach, treating space, time, and genre like trans-dimensional Silly Putty bursting with polyphonic and multi-rhythmic dap!

This performance is being presented in collaboration with the Hammer Museum at UCLA, which will be hosting Cosmic Riddem, Esoteric Rambunction & Eclectic Blue Cheer – Conduction #3 on Tuesday, March 8.


Photo courtesy of Ziga Koritnik