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BUDART: Meditative Art Festival


September 21, 2017 • 9:00 am PDT


The Budart Festival is a space where you can experience the fusion of art and meditation in a way never seen before. The exhibition of paintings and installations at the center of the Festival brings together a group of remarkable artists, who take delight in meditation and translate their personal and very exciting spiritual journeys into shapes and colors. This art captures the pure essence of the spiritual experience and conveys it to the viewer, eliciting feelings of profound love, happiness, and serenity.

At the very heart of the art exhibition are the Piprahwa relics of Buddha Sakyamuni – an archaeological find of immense historical and religious value and an incredible symbol of the highest meditative achievement.

A six day Festival program invites you to celebrate the beauty, richness, and significance of the world of meditation. Practice with the best yoga and meditation teachers, take workshops with renowned artists, and listen to the healing sounds of the world music. But above all come to meet a group of like-minded individuals who believe in living with all one’s heart. We are building a community – join us!