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Aubrey Longley-Cook at The Lodge


Aubrey Longley-Cook creates intimate embroidery based on images culled from pop culture and Southern California lore. They include buff Baywatch-esque men emerging out of the Pacific Ocean, palm trees flanked by a pure blue backdrop, and a still from the Hollywood classic “Chinatown.”

One work, “I don’t know her,” pictures Mariah Carey with the titular subtitles below (the response the singer famously gave when a reporter asked her about Jennifer Lopez). Painstakingly stitched with embroidery thread, Longley-Cook translates this meme-worthy moment into a traditional handicraft. The pixelated images culled from low-res screen grabs translate quite well to the cross-hatching of embroidery, which further complicates this conflation.

A set of embroideries of a golden retriever running have been made into a video animation, “Runaway,” which plays in the gallery on a perpetual loop. It’s like Muybridge’s horse or Sturtevandt’s dog — perpetuating a feeling of endless movement that evokes the onslaught of 2020.