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Vielmetter Los Angeles
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April Street at Vielmetter Los Angeles

On view: November 16, 2019–January 11, 2020

At Vielmetter in Downtown Los Angeles, April Street has created a cohesive body of sculptural paintings that seem to embrace art history while also being irreverent towards it. Beginning with dimensional canvases made of pantyhose that bulge and pucker to create uncanny indentations across the picture, the paintings embody several painting strategies simultaneously: landscape, still-life, abstraction, and figuration. In places, Street dutifully depicts Flemish Renaissance-style landscapes that give way to melting forms and abstract linework. The primary color in many of these works is a peachy skin tone that, paired with long flowing braids, spills across the canvas like waterfalls to create a type of female self portraiture that seems to stand strong and complex in the face of the over-sexed women that art history is filled with.