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Moskowitz Bayse
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Anthony Lepore at Moskowitz Bayse


Anthony Lepore’s new exhibition of photographs at Moskowitz Bayse revels in trompe-l’oeil trickery. For each work, the artist constructs a shadow box and then lets loose an array of materials and processes which he photographs before framing the image back into the box. Time becomes material throughout the series — in one picture, popsicles are captured mid-melt, their sticky sugars still visible on the shadow box-cum-frame. In others, elements like fire, water, and, in one instance, a live snake, enter into each tableau, giving the feeling of captured motion. 

In Working on Us (2022), an impressive collection of owl figurines (collected by the artist’s grandmother) is arranged on rows of shelves from largest to smallest, to the point of absurdity — a playful look at the objects that infiltrate our lives and work to define selfhood. As a whole, the exhibition not only delights in photography’s ability to fool the eye, it also nods to a rich history of still life in which the objects being depicted are not only ripe with meaning but also reflect back to the unique curiosities of the maker.

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Photo: Anthony Lepore, Time’s a Taker (installation view) (2022). Image courtesy of the artist and Moskowitz Bayse.