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Annie Lapin at Shulamit Nazarian

On view: November 9–December 21, 2019

There’s something familiar about Annie Lapin’s paintings. The compositions look almost like ripped up paper—as if someone tore up images from an art history textbook, a Grateful Dead concert, and a family vacation, and threw them together into a pile. The familiarity comes into play with art historical landscapes—e.g. Manet’s Luncheon on the Grass—that the artist faithfully reproduces alongside psychedelic cloudscapes that give way to raw canvas and more abstract marks. When working, the artist flips between the computer and the canvas, sourcing images online and toying with collages in Photoshop before painstakingly reproducing them in paint. As such, Lapin simultaneously engages in the age old process of painting, and the daily barrage of information and images; in our Instagram-age, art history, a burning rainforest, a friend’s dog, and a tie-dyed shirt can all collapse together and share digital space, one which Lapin makes manifest.