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Anna Uddenberg at Marciano Art Foundation

October 28, 2019 • 8:00 am - November 4, 2019 PDT

On view July 25 – December 1.

Namability gets tricky In Swedish artist Anna Uddenberg’s exhibition, Privé, at the Marciano Art Foundation. What at first seem like familiar materials and forms—car seat-like sculptures made of quilted fabrics, carpets, and leather—quickly break down upon closer look. The stair-steps, head rests, chains, and riveting on her sculptural pieces feel highly specific, yet ultimately inhospitable for any understood use. In one work, a scantily clad female figure—the only figurative sculpture in the show—slumps over a cocktail table. While her head is down as if in defeat, her posture is sexualized, almost coerced. Uddenberg seems to question the objects and systems that we as consumers interact with on a daily basis, and the sinister (though sometimes pleasurable) power they hold over us.