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Ana González at Sean Kelly Gallery


Sean Kelly is delighted to present VERDES, Ana González’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles. Through her artistic practice, González captures the duality of the natural world – its fragile state due to humanity’s extraction of natural resources and the political and spiritual power inherent to it. Drawing upon the landscapes of her native Colombia, and her collaborations with the indigenous communities that protect them, González’s work serves as both a warning of the gradual disappearance of a vital, historic ecosystem and a celebration of its sensual power.

The title of the exhibition, VERDES, simultaneously references the verdant green González captures in her landscape paintings and textiles, as well as the dull green color of the US dollar. González juxtaposes these two motifs, the ancient, mutualist ecosystems of Colombia, and the unsustainable, capitalistic consumption of natural resources.

Photo: Ana González, MORROMICO, diptych sublimation printing on roughened tarp, 2023 © Ana González Courtesy: the artist and Sean Kelly, New York/Los Angeles