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American Reckoning

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The latest installment of FRONTLINE’s multiplatform Un(re)solved initiative, American Reckoning is an extraordinary look at the civil rights era – the violence and resistance – through rare footage filmed more than 50-years ago in Natchez, Mississippi, and the still-unresolved killing of local NAACP leader Wharlest Jackson.

Theatrical release this Friday at Laemmle Theater in Santa Monica, with show times through Thursday, 2/17. The film will also air on PBS on Tuesday 2/15, check out the trailer on their website.


CREDIT: Credit for top background images, from left to right, depicting the Klu Lux Klan: William
E. Stewart Collection Historic Natchez Foundation; ABCNews VideoSource. Credit for four
images in center grid of artwork, from top left to bottom right, depicting Wharlest Jackson Sr,
Wharlest Jackson Sr’s family, Wharlest Jackson Sr’s mangled truck, and James Jackson: Amistad
Research Center; Denise Ford; National Archives; Amistad Research Center. Credit for bottom
background image, depicting the Natchez, MS, demonstrations: Amistad Research Center.