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A+D Museum Assembly 2020: 4 Original Exhibits

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Join the unveiling of A+D’s newest shows:

All Over The PlaceThis exhibition by Preliminary Research Office comes as  a continuation from their work, Notes on Techniquesa fantastical cityscape that plays with the concept of scale – both representational (the model) and one to one (the room from which the model is viewed).

Movement and MotivationBerfin Ataman, this round’s Rios Clementi Hale Alley Fellow, presents a survey of her work from wearables to kinetic sculptures that explore the internal and external perceptions of movement as they relate to body, space, and objects. Ataman’s work challenges audiences to move beyond the surface to dig for empathy and meaning. The artist is currently earning her MFA at UCLA.

The Executive CondolenceArtist and award-winning filmmaker Codi Barbini presents a video installation which uses presidential addresses following mass shootings to examine our collective past through a non-linear lens, highlighting the stagnant use of language in public addresses. This crowd-sourced exhibition is an exploration of the intersections of politics, linguistics, and design. This project emerged from a feature-length documentary, The New Normal, which follows teenage survivors of the Stoneman Douglas school shooting.

Museum as Brand: Staying Relevant in the Digital AgeDrawn from research by Claremont Graduate students, this exhibition focuses on five institutions and examines trends in the use of digital technology and what this can tell about the changing functions of museums today. Through creating a baseline understanding of each institution, the exhibit then analyzes and draws out patterns of digital engagement.