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Shoshana Wayne Gallery
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“Above & Below” at Shoshana Wayne Gallery


Tucked into an unassuming building in West Adams, Shoshana Wayne Gallery’s new exhibition “Above & Below” unabashedly celebrates the medium of craft. Craft techniques have been on the rise in recent years, as ceramics and weaving—once taboo in the contemporary art gallery—become regular counterparts to painting and sculpture. This exhibition takes craft mediums even further, throwing beading, applique, and felting into the mix. 

Each work on view is a microcosm of technique and skill, and the beaded works of French artist Yveline Tropéa are no exception. Her beautifully constructed beaded tapestries depict invented narratives that deal with the tradition of voodoo. Her fantastical compositions are met with the whimsy of Terri Friedman’s textural weavings and the festivity of Max Colby’s somewhat phallic beaded sculptures. More subdued work by Gil Yefman—a stunning grayscale floral still-life made by needle felting—and Frances Trombly—monochrome woven fabrics that slump over wooden supports—bring the focus back to the wide-ranging craft techniques that connect the artists on view.

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Photo: Yveline Tropéa, “Promenade Imaginaire,” 2020. Beading and hand embroidery, 13″ x 22.5.” Image courtesy of the artist and Shoshana Wayne Gallery.