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A Store Show at Odd Ark LA

On view: November 9–December 15, 2019

As both an artist and art critic, I am well aware of stigmas that exist around artists moonlighting in other fields, even if those disciplines relate closely to art: writing, design, fashion, or functional ceramics, for example. Luckily, the category of artist seems to be expanding, and it is more commonplace these days for artists to also sell functional objects at a lower cost than their artwork. In this spirit, Odd Ark LA has collected small objects from over 90 artists in Los Angeles and displayed them on bodega-style shelves and racks—t-shirts, clocks, incense holders, posters, and small-scale sculptures share space, each clearly marked with names and prices (another art world faux pas). And, unlike typical exhibitions where sold artwork remains on view for the duration of the show, at A Store Show, most items are available to take immediately upon purchase, creating a dynamic and changing environment that will shift over the course of the 5-week exhibition.