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L.A. Louver
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“45 at 45” at L.A. Louver


L.A. Louver, an art gallery located a stone’s throw away from Venice Beach, is celebrating its 45th anniversary. The art market has evolved since the gallery opened in the mid-1970s, but Louver has remained relevant for decades. To celebrate, the gallery is opening its first show since the pandemic, a raucous group exhibition which includes 45 artists.

The exhibition features iconic names including Marcel Duchamp alongside established creatives such as Alice Neel, multimedia artist Nick Cave, and David Hockney. Refreshingly, the show also highlights local emerging artists like Gabriella Sanchez, Patrick Martinez, and Carmen Argote. The show is wide-ranging and hopscotching: a Hebrew symbol painted by the photo-assemblaging Beat artist Wallace Berman is hung near sculptor and activist Jimmie Durham’s coat made of dirt and sheep’s hair; a slick Tia Pulitzer ceramic bunny stands proudly next to a series of bronze sculptures in which body parts transform into gramophones by artist Nick Cave.

To combat the wide range of subject matter and artist backgrounds presented in the exhibition, the gallery will be curating mini online presentations that explore specific focuses across the work included. The first of these, called “Let there be Light,” is now online, and contextualizes the work of Heather Gwen Martin, Gisela Colón, Patrick Martinez, and others, within the luminous influence of light. More specific viewing rooms and events will take place in the coming months to celebrate specific artists and themes in the show, as well as the gallery’s history.