Tijuana Panthers, Grmln

The Echo Presents Tijuana Panthers, Grmln

Fri. 07/26 | 8:30PM @ The Echo (map)

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Tijuana Panthers

"The Tijuana Panthers got their name from the little black ceramic panther that was a present from their neighbor Max Baker—yes, the Max Baker who they named their first album after, and who deserves a bio all his own—and they got their sound from that strange place where punk bands crash into pop music and come out the other side, bristling with hooks and hitting three-part harmonies almost by happy accident.

Even the Beach Boys were once a garage band, and after them came the waves of kids playing rock 'n' roll somewhere between the surf and the surface streets. Then when punk showed up in the '70s, it was just an adjustment in hairstyle and speed. The Buzzcocks did this a whole hemisphere away, the Real Kids and the Modern Lovers did it on the other side of the country, and the Crowd and the Simpletones did it just a few towns over. And now Tijuana Panthers come striding proudly out of their hometown of Long Beach, California.


Come celebrate the release of GRMLN's debut 12" on Carpark Records with their debut at PTP. These are the sort of dreamy hazy sounds that would be equally at home on Captured Tracks, slotting neatly aside Beach Fossils, Diiv and Catwalk. Hushed vocals interwoven tendrils of wistful guitars alternating with anthemic leads. Just exactly as Dean Wareham prophesied long ago on the final Galaxie 500 album: This is OUR music.

Tijuana Panthers, Grmln
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