The Bluegrass Situation Presents: MilkDrive w/ Jamestown Revival

The Bluegrass Situation Presents: MilkDrive w/ Jamestown Revival

Fri. 07/26 | 9:30PM @ The Mint (map)

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The Bluegrass Situation presents: THE BLUEGRASS SITUATION: “Southern California’s home for everything bluegrass, folk, and Americana” Think Los Angeles is all about pop stars and surf punks? Think again. The bluegrass and Americana spirit is alive and well in LA, and has been for as long as there have been wooden floors to tap your toes on. From Woody Guthrie’s Golden State ramblings to the Kentucky Colonels on The Andy Griffith Show, from the Newgrass and Laurel Canyon sound of California natives Chris Hillman and Herb Peterson to a new generation of musical prodigies in San Diego’s Nickel Creek and Santa Monica’s Gillian Welch, the bluegrass scene is one of Los Angeles’ finest and longest-hidden treasures. But why keep it a secret? We think some light deserves to shine on this situation, on its history and on the wave of burgeoning musicians, fans, and venues blossoming throughout the southland. That’s why Amy Reitnouer’s BLUEGRASS LA blog and Ed Helms’ annual LA BLUEGRASS SITUATION festival at Largo have joined forces to create THE BLUEGRASS SITUATION, your first resource for fans, musicians and venues all over the country to be in the know for what’s happening in the old-time music scene. Showcasing local artists, venues, and upcoming shows, the site also seeks to demonstrate to the world the amazing talent and local fan base that await them in LA. We’re here because we love the music, we love the community and we love our city. And we think you will too. Discover Los Angeles’ best kept secret: THE BLUEGRASS SITUATION. MilkDrive : Members of MilkDrive, the Austin alt-folk-progressive acoustic string band with MILKDRIVE LIVE ’09 released last June, are award-winning musicians, but awards reveal nothing about the musical soul so palpable in the quartet’s sound: a mix of rhythms, tempos, flavors, downbeats and improvisation; with fingers flying at “unbelievable” speed, original tunes that go beyond extraordinary and arrangements described as “impeccable.” Principal songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Noah Jeffries grew up playing bluegrass and gospel in Idaho and started writing amazing tunes at 14. He moved to Austin and joined up with fiddling champion-mandolin player Dennis Ludiker, a former member of South Austin Jug Band, and multi-instrumentalist Brian Beken, fiddler for South Austin Jug Band and The Gougers, but Jeffries had met the two at fiddle contests in the Northwest when they were kids. Swing/jazz bass player Matt Mefford, also formerly of SAJB, made the trio a quartet.
The Bluegrass Situation Presents: MilkDrive w/ Jamestown Revival
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