The Golden Stag: LA Noir NYE Celebration

The Golden Stag: LA Noir NYE Celebration

Mon. 12/31 | 9:00PM - Tue. 01/01 @ The Legendary Park Plaza (map)

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Get your fix this New Year’s Eve at The Golden Stag: LA Noir, a 1940s celebration at the legendary Park Plaza Hotel featuring more than 60 performers.

For one night only, return to the excitement of Los Angeles’s most dynamic era. World War II is in full swing as sailors and gangsters roam the streets and big band jazz fills the dance halls. LA is a boomtown, giving rise to all kinds of characters and they all hang out at The Golden Stag.

Club owner Stag Cohen and his bevy of broads lead you through a whirlwind evening from the gorgeous USO Grand Ballroom, where an eighteen-piece orchestra just won’t quit, to the spectacular LA NOIR Stage, home to a wide array of acts, dancers and entertainments.

Downstairs, the Pachuco Lounge spins brass beats with zoot suit flair, while the 52nd Airwing patio is ready to give the crowd a glittering night under the stars.

Tickets to this one-night-only club are extremely limited. We ask that our guests dress to impress.
The Golden Stag: LA Noir NYE Celebration
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